Reviews for Argyle Coffee Roasters

Review Date: Aug 2018

Price: $18.00/12 ounces

Evaluated as espresso. Fruit-toned, crisply sweet-tart. Ripe strawberry, dark chocolate, pink grapefruit zest, salted caramel, a hint of grapey spirits (think grappa barrel) in aroma and small cup. Velvety-smooth mouthfeel; resonant, long, fruit-toned finish with a continued suggestion of grappa barrel. In three parts milk, richly sweet with notes of salted caramel and dark chocolate and a hint of berryish fruit.

Review Date: Apr 2018

Price: $18.00/12 ounces

Multi-layered, intricate. Raspberry, chocolate fudge, lavender, vanilla, rum cordial in aroma and cup. Sweetly tart in structure with fruit-toned acidity; lightly syrupy mouthfeel. The finish is crisp and richly drying, with notes of chocolate and lavender in the short and fruit-infused rum in the long.

Review Date: Oct 2016

Price: $18.00/12 ounces

Invitingly sweet, richly composed. Candied papaya, Brazil nut, lilac, sarsparilla, dark chocolate in aroma and cup. Juicy, sweet-tart acidity; lightly satiny mouthfeel. The crisp, gently drying finish consolidates to nut-toned chocolate.

Review Date: Sep 2016

Price: $17.00/12 ounces

Crisply pungent, deeply sweet. Honey, jasmine, sandalwood, tangerine zest, a hint of myrrh in aroma and cup. Delicate but richly expressed acidity; silky mouthfeel. A cocoa suggestion surfaces in the quietly flavor-saturated short finish; jasmine and sandalwood last in the long.