Reviews for Archer Farms

Review Date: Feb 2016

Price: $7.79/12 ounces

Rich, roast-rounded. Baker’s chocolate, hazelnut, fir, brown sugar in aroma and cup. Gentle, balanced acidity; crisp, lightly syrupy mouthfeel. Flavors consolidate in a dry, spicy finish, with chocolate lingering into the long.

Review Date: Nov 2009


Intense sweet-toned aroma, with complex citrus and floral character. The flowers turn distinctly toward jasmine in the cup, with a continued muted citrus and a hint of cocoaish chocolate. Bright, balanced acidity, medium body and a slightly lean mouthfeel. The quiet finish displays hints of toast and cocoa.

Review Date: Dec 2008


Soft, sweet aroma with hints of cinnamon, nuts and toast. Bright acidity, medium body, with a lightly syrupy mouthfeel. In the cup, sweet orange-toned citrus, fading to walnut, baking spices and dark chocolate. Slight astringency in the finish, with faint nut and cocoa notes.