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How to Have Coffees Reviewed or Evaluated by Coffee Review

The success of Coffee Review and its reviewing method has led to an increasing number of roaster and retailer requests for impartial evaluations of their coffees. However, we receive many more requests for such reviews than our limited publication calendar can accommodate. Consequently, we now offer three ways to obtain reviews or evaluations from Coffee Review.

Reviews for Monthly Articles.Simply nominate coffees and hope that they will be reviewed in a monthly Coffee Review article. There is no charge for such published reviews. However, keep in mind that Coffee Review publishes reviews for only a small fraction of the nominations received each month. Of the many coffees typically nominated, we sample no more than 40 (on a blind basis) before settling on the approximately 10 that ultimately appear in a final review article. Consequently, we cannot supply feedback on coffees that do not appear in published reviews.

Nominate Coffees

Commissioned Sensory Evaluation with Review.Objective, blind reviews in Coffee Review format are available for US$295 per sample. Reduced rates are available for advertisers ($195 per sample; $245 for reviews in espresso format). Coffees will be accepted for commissioned review only from the 1st of any given month through the 17th of the same month. We also may limit the number of coffees we accept for commissioned review in any one month owing to travel or other contingencies, so it is essential to query before sending coffees for review. These reviews can be quoted for public use following the same guidelines for published reviews. After receiving a review, one can elect to keep it private or can request to have it displayed on However, it remains the sole discretion of the Coffee Review whether it will display a review.

Request Commissioned Review

Commissioned Private Assessment.Sensory assessments of coffee samples for confidential use can be purchased directly from Kenneth Davids as part of his consulting and training services. The focus of these private evaluations depends on the client's needs, which may include internal review, sourcing confirmation, product development, external audit of quality assurance programs, etc. If the client so desires these reviews can follow the Coffee Review format, but they may not be publicly quoted or used for promotional purposes and will not be displayed on the Coffee Review website. Samples may be provided by the client. Professional fees start at US$165 per sample for a Coffee-Review-style assessment ($245 for espresso) to less for multiple groups of samples and/or simpler reporting formats.

Request Private Assessment

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