Shanghai Creation Trading Co, Ltd.

Selected Full City Roast Espresso

Location: Shanghai, China

Origin: Not disclosed

Roast: Medium-Dark

Est. Price: RMB $80.00/454 grams

Review Date: May 2017

Agtron: 42/57

Aroma: 9

Body: 8

Flavor: 8

Aftertaste: 7

With Milk: 9

Blind Assessment:

Evaluated as espresso. Deeply sweet-tart, with a slight savory edge. Gardenia-like flowers, dark chocolate, orange zest, almond, cedar in aroma and small cup. Crisp though syrupy mouthfeel. The finish consolidates to notes of dark chocolate, orange zest and almond in the short, cedar in the long. Dark chocolate and almond tones lead in three parts milk, where a pleasing suggestion of mint surfaces.


Full City is a traditional term for a roast style at the dark end of medium, although this coffee is somewhat darker roasted than is typical for full city roasts in the North American market. Creation Food Co. is a food service company with a specialty coffee division. It operates two large-scale coffee production facilities in Taiwan and China, with a branch in Shanghai, Shanghai Creation Trading Co., Ltd. Visit www.creation-foods.com.cn or call +86(0)21-34318227 for more information.

The Bottom Line: An accessible, rich, chocolate-toned espresso with hints of orange zest throughout.

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