Kona Mountain Estate by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Review | CoffeeReview.com
Roast: Medium Review Date: December 2004
Origin: Kona growing region, Big Island of Hawaii Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The aroma is rich and rather deep with apple, pipe tobacco and semi-sweet chocolate notes. In the cup lively when hot, but almost immediately contracts in sensory range, turning monotoned and heavy, though still with pleasant allusions to the dry apple and chocolate notes.

Notes: This normally fine and subtle Kona may represent last year's crop, which would account for this sample?s uncharacteristic heaviness. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, one of the country's leading specialty roasters, has long been the exclusive seller of this fine small-farm Kona coffee. Visit www.greenmountaincoffee.com or call 800-223-6768 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: A full body and a rather blunt heaviness may make this a good Kona for those who like to add sweetener and whitener to the cup.


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