Organic Cafe Peru by Equal Exchange Review |
  • Equal Exchange

    West Bridgewater, Massachusetts
  • Organic Cafe Peru

Roast: Medium Review Date: December 2004
Origin: Puno, Peru Price: NA

Blind Assessment: A touch of fruit ferment both pleasantly complicates and slightly mars this interesting coffee. In the cup the ferment turns the acidity pleasantly winy and bends the fruit toward a rich, brandied chocolate with raisin and caramel innuendo. The long finish is marred by a troublesome bitterness, however, probably owing to the same ferment.

Notes: Equal Exchange is a worker-owned cooperative founded in 1986 to, as the Equal Exchange website describes it, "... create a new approach to trade, one that includes informed consumers, honest and fair trade relationships and cooperative principles." All Equal Exchange coffees are purchased from Fair-Trade certified cooperatives with which Equal Exchange has long and close relationships. In the case of this organically grown Peru, support includes regular and ongoing training. Visit or call 774-776-7400 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Milk or creamer should help the rich fruity chocolate bloom while rounding the slight bitterness in the finish.


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