Organic Peruvian Select by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Review |
Roast: Medium Review Date: November 1997
Origin: Peru Price: NA

Blind Assessment: I found this coffee's profile interesting but rather odd. It displayed a heavy, dull-yet-rich quality, reminiscent of some Indonesian and East-Indian coffees, plus a distinct earth taste. Literally earth; this coffee is neither dirty in the general sense nor earthy in the romantic sense; rather, the cup simply tastes a bit like dirt. There are other intrigues as well: delicate vanilla-toned high notes shimmer atop the aroma and dark prune-tobacco tones emerge in the finish. Despite all of the olfactory action I still wouldn't call this coffee complex, since everything seems controlled by a rather stolid inertia at the center of the profile.

Notes: Interesting, yet odd profile. A heavy, dull quality plus a distinct earth taste. There are delicate, vanilla-toned high notes atop the aroma and dark prune-tobacco tones emerge in the finish. Certified organically grown and shade-grown on small farms at around 4,000 feet. Fulfills Green Mountain Coffee's Stewardship or sustainable criteria as well as organic certification criteria. A portion of sales supports development of a processing mill

Who Should Drink It: Perhaps gardeners who harbor the desire afflicting all true gardeners: The desire to eat the dirt as well as the carrots. Aficionados and coffee scholars who want to experience a fascinating, though perhaps flawed, coffee.


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