Mysore Mystic by Josuma Coffee Review |
  • Josuma Coffee

    Menlo Park, California
  • Mysore Mystic

Roast: Medium Review Date: July 2004
Origin: Southern India Price: NA

Blind Assessment: In the aroma sweetly pungent, rich but delicate, complicated by low-toned fruit suggesting ripe apricots. The lovely aromatics are slightly less impressive in the cup, where they are dominated by a sharp bittersweetness. Slightly astringent in the finish.

Notes: Mysore is a traditional market name for wet-processed coffee from southern India. Josuma Coffee is a distinguished importer, blender and roaster of India coffees. Visit or call 650-366-5453 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Those who want an Indian coffee experience that will stand up to dairy and sweetener.


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