India Monsooned Malabar by Kaffe Magnum Opus Review |
  • Kaffe Magnum Opus

    Millville, New Jersey
  • India Monsooned Malabar

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: July 2004
Origin: Southern India Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Densely but sweetly and gently pungent in the aroma. Richly low-key, heavy-bodied, with gently charred cedar notes. Just sweet and complex enough to escape inertia.

Notes: Monsooned Malabar is a fruity dry-processed coffee from India that is exposed to moisture-laden monsoon winds for three months after drying and processing but before shipping. Monsooning turns the beans puffily yellow, reduces the dry, acidy sensation, increases body, and often adds an earthy mildewed flavor to the fruity character of the original beans. Kaffý Magnum Opus is a roaster, wholesaler and Internet retailer of quality specialty coffee. Visit or call 800-652-5282 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Lovers of blended scotch whiskies that preserve a touch of peat and smoke.


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