Ruby's Organic Espresso by Doma Coffee Roasting Company Review |
  • Doma Coffee Roasting Company

    Coeur D'Alene, Idaho
  • Ruby's Organic Espresso

Roast: Dark Review Date: June 2004
Origin: Not disclosed Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Superb single-shot espresso distinguished by its fruit tones and general resonant depth of sensation. The aroma is robustly fruity and sweet, the small cup roundly and sweetly roasty with toast and chocolate notes. Simplifies slightly in milk but still agreeably expresses a high-toned, fruity chocolate.

Notes: Doma is a small-batch roaster and retailer particularly focused on the close relationship between espresso blending, roasting and brewing. Visit or call 208-773-0066 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Those who favor the environmental message of organic coffees and the pleasures of hearty, berry-toned red wines.


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