Traditional Roast by Gevalia Kaffe Review |
  • Gevalia Kaffe

    Gavle, Sweden
  • Traditional Roast

Roast: Light Review Date: May 2004
Origin: East Africa, Central and South America Price: NA

Blind Assessment: In the aroma this light-to-medium-roasted coffee is sweet, high-toned but round, with a whiff of lightly fermented fruit that suggests brandied chocolate. In the cup the agreeably rich, overripe fruit is complemented - or contradicted - by a sweet-toned but blunt acidity. The finish is long and rather heavily astringent. Several readers nominated Gevalia coffees, including this blend.

Notes: Gevalia, owned by Kraft Foods, is a leading mail-order retailer of specialty coffee. Visit or call 800-438-2542 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those lovers of lighter-roasted coffee for whom intensity is more important than balance.


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