Sumatra Organic by Caffe Fiore Review |
  • Caffe Fiore

    Seattle, Washington
  • Sumatra Organic

Roast: Dark Review Date: February 2004
Origin: Aceh Province, northern Sumatra Price: NA

Blind Assessment: When hot, a robust, full-bodied dark roast with a pleasantly rough character: chocolate and wine tones in the aroma, in the cup a hint of fruity ferment and musty earth. As the coffee cools, however, the musty earth tones turn bitter and weigh oppressively on the cup.

Notes: Traditionally processed Sumatras like this one are valued for the mildly fermented fruit and mildewed earth tones created by unorthodox methods of fruit removal and drying. Caffe Fiore is a small-batch roasting company specializing in certified organically grown coffees. Visit or call 206-706-7580 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those who go for the worm in the mescal.


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