Morning Passion by Caffe Appassionato Review |
  • Caffe Appassionato

    Seattle, Washington
  • Morning Passion

Roast: Very-Dark Review Date: February 2004
Origin: Not disclosed Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Roasty, sweet and balanced in the aroma, with shimmers of pineapple. In the cup a light-bodied buoyancy and a continuing tickle of pineapple lifts the dominating sharp, edge-of-burned roastiness. Mildly astringent in the finish.

Notes: Caffe Appassionato is a small-batch specialty roaster which advertises "Coffee with passion, roasted with patience." Visit or call 888-502-2333 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those who have a passion for mildly burned, slightly fruity dark roasts.


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