Kenya Kilimanjaro (K-Cup) by Van Houtte Cafe Review |
  • Van Houtte Cafe

    Montreal, Canada
  • Kenya Kilimanjaro (K-Cup)

Roast: Dark Review Date: January 2004
Origin: South-central Kenya Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Shallow and thin throughout. Sweet, caramelly, high-toned, but without nuance or dimension in either aroma or cup. Thin, astringent finish.

Notes: K-Cups are designed for the Keurig single-serve brewer. Kenya is one of the world's great coffee origins, although it's hard to tell from this example. As with many (though certainly not all) single-serve convenience coffees, it would seem that something went wrong in the packaging. Visit for more information.

Who Should Drink It: This poor coffee has been reduced to a sort of Kenya Kool-Aid.


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