Buzzworthy Dark Roast (pod) by Melitta Review |
  • Melitta

    Clearwater, Florida
  • Buzzworthy Dark Roast (pod)

Roast: Dark Review Date: January 2004
Origin: Central and South America Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The aroma is full and smokily roasty though monotoned. In the cup thinnish, smoky and simple, with rather unpleasant tobacco notes, the stale ashtray sort rather than the rich pipe tobacco kind.

Notes: This blend is delivered in proprietary pods designed for the Melitta One:One single-serve brewer. The One:One brewing device is a Salton design, manufactured and distributed by Melitta under a licensing agreement. Melitta, the coffee giant with world headquarters in Minden, Germany, roasts and packages its coffees in New Jersey for the American market. Visit for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Possibly those who enjoy the exaggerated smoky sensation of bottled bar-b-que sauces.


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