Organic Guatemalan Santiago Atitlan by Kaffe Magnum Opus Review |
  • Kaffe Magnum Opus

    Millville, New Jersey
  • Organic Guatemalan Santiago Atitlan

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: September 2003
Origin: Lake Atitlan basin, south-central Guatemala Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Delicate, gently and elegantly acidy, complicated by a discreetly rich cherry fruit leaning toward chocolate. The acidity is sweet and exquisitely balanced, though slightly astringent in the finish.

Notes: Certified organically grown. Atitlan is a growing region situated on the volcanic slopes and valleys surrounding the grand and beautiful Lake Atitlan. Typical Atitlan weather is wetter than Antigua, the soil is richer, and the cup full-bodied but rather gentle and fruit-toned. Most Atitlans are produced by small-holding farmers using traditional methods. Kaffé Magnum Opus is a national wholesaler and Internet seller of quality specialty coffee. Visit or call 800-652-5282 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: A classically delicate Guatemala breakfast cup with a dash of mild astringency that will strike some as sharp and others as bracing.


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