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    El Salvador
  • El Salvador - Green

Roast: NA Review Date: September 1997
Origin: El Salvador Price: NA

Blind Assessment: A decent coffee ruined by a probably avoidable defect. Parts of the bag from which our samples came apparently picked up moisture during storage. Some individual samples (perhaps from the top part of the bag) cupped cleanly and sweetly, but most displayed either a rope-like taste called baggy (cited by five cuppers) or the moldy-basement taste called musty (two cuppers), both defects typically caused by post-processing moisture. Inspection of this coffee revealed more visual defects than displayed by any of the Itzalco coffees in the cupping, which may indicate something additional went wrong before the coffee went into the bag.

Notes: A decent coffee ruined by a defect called ropey, baggy, or musty -- typically caused by post-processing moisture. The only non-Itzalco coffee in the cupping, Don Hilario is processed at a single mill or beneficio that draws var. bourbon coffee from a group of about sixty farms in the Apaneca Lamatepec mountains.

Who Should Drink It: A decent coffee gone bad.


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