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  • Supreme Bean Coffee Roasters

    North Hollywood, California
  • Timor Maubesse Organic

Roast: Dark Review Date: August 2003
Origin: East Timor Price: $11.95/16oz

Blind Assessment: Co-taster Willem Boot greatly admired this coffee, awarding it an exclamatory 95: "Reddish brown supershot! Complex aroma with tingling body. Mild sweet and dry flavor balance with intense fruit and spicy notes. Cardamom flavor with milk." Ken's admiration was more restrained. He enjoyed the low-toned bouquet of pipe tobacco, leather, toast, smoke, spice and musty cantaloupe notes enough to award a rating of 88, but found the body "gritty" (Willem called it "tingling") and the finish slightly astringent.

Notes: East Timor is recovering from the ravages of its recent war of independence from Indonesia, and its malty, rich, low-key organic coffees are beginning to reappear on the market. Maubesse is a grade name for Timor coffee. Like virtually all Timor coffees, this one is shade grown and certified organically grown. The Supreme Bean is a Los Angeles-area wholesale roaster specializing in high-end roasted-to-order espresso blends and single origins. Visit www.thesupremebean.com or call 888-288-5282 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Those who enjoy the humidor-rich aromatics and spicy complexity of traditionally processed Timor, Sumatra and Sulawesi coffees. Makes an authoritative statement both as straight shot and in milk.


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