Anastasio's Blend by El Tucan Honduras Estate Coffee Review |
  • El Tucan Honduras Estate Coffee

    Stuart, Virginia
  • Anastasio's Blend

Roast: Dark Review Date: July 2003
Origin: Comayagua growing region, Honduras Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Displays a fundamentally pleasing balance of bitter tones, sweetness, and low-toned, roast-nuanced fruit, but ultimately seems restrained and faded. Probably last year's crop; the new crop may bring more liveliness and nuance to the cup.

Notes: Grown, exported and roasted by a family owned business, the Honduras Coffee Company. This subtle blend of roasts is named for the family patriarch, Anastacio, who recently retired from farming at an age of over 80. Visit or call 877-466-3872 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Those who prefer denim to silk or corduroy.


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