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  • Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters

    Chicago, Illinois
  • Honduras Ocatepeque

Roast: Medium Review Date: July 2003
Origin: Ocatepeque growing region, Honduras Price: NA

Blind Assessment: A subtle, lush coffee, richly sweet and gently acidy with shimmers of flowers. Notes of fermented fruit give the cup a juicy, decadent opulence that will please more adventurous palates but may put off coffee traditionalists.

Notes: This coffee placed fourth in the 2003 Honduras green coffee competition. Intelligentsia purchased a quantity of this prize winner from the importer, Volcafe Specialty Coffee of California, and will offer it as a single origin. Other roasters also may offer it. Intelligentsia is a leading Chicago-area roaster with a Keith Haring-style logo, excellent coffee, and a commitment to quality epitomized by the practice of printing roast dates on coffee packaging. Visit www.intelligentsiacoffee.com or call 888-945-9786 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Those who enjoy exotic dessert wines like sauternes and those coffee aficionados who want to come to their own decision about whether mildly, sweetly fermented coffees like this one deserve to be celebrated as pleasures or condemned as "tainted." The jurors of the Honduras green coffee competition apparently came down on the pleasure side.


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