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  • Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters

    Chicago, Illinois
  • Honduras Intibuca

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: July 2003
Origin: Intibuca growing region, Honduras Price: $10.95/16oz

Blind Assessment: Dry and forceful. The acidity is intense but sweet. The fruit is crisply austere: black currant, sauvignon blanc wine grapes. A challenging coffee that commands rather than seduces.

Notes: Shade-grown on the Dionicio Sanchez farm, imported by Volcafe Specialty Coffee, and scheduled to be roasted as a single origin by Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters and perhaps by others. I evaluated this coffee based both on my own sample roast and a pre-production roast from Intelligentsia. Intelligentsia is a leading Chicago-area roaster with a Keith Haring-style logo, excellent coffee, and a commitment to quality epitomized by the practice of printing roast dates on coffee packaging. This coffee is expected to be available for sale in late July. For more information, visit www.intelligentsiacoffee.com or call 888-945-9786.

Who Should Drink It: Those who enjoy the austere style of high-grown Kenyas and Colombias.


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