Kenya AA by The Embellished Bean Review |
  • The Embellished Bean

    LaGrangeville, New York
  • Kenya AA

Roast: Medium Review Date: May 2003
Origin: South-central Kenya Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The softer style of Kenya: sweet, flirty, utterly seductive, but with a gently acidy backbone. In the aroma crisp temperate fruit tones, apple or pear perhaps, in the cup flowers and chocolate.

Notes: AA is the highest grade of Kenya coffee, based mainly on bean size. Embellished Bean sells its (often flavor-embellished) beans over the Internet and at various Hudson Valley, New York cultural events. Visit or call 866-834-5282 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Lovers of gentle, aromatic teas and delicate white table wines.


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