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  • Dean's Beans

    New Salem, Massachusetts
  • Oromia Dark Roast, Fair Trade

Roast: Very-Dark Review Date: September 2002
Origin: Sidamo growing region, southern Ethiopia Price: NA

Blind Assessment: This very dark-roasted coffee reveals almost nothing about the potentially interesting green coffee itself except its ability to stand up to a severe degree of roast and still taste quite agreeable. The profile is roasty and charred, but pleasantly free of bitterness and haloed by sweetness.

Notes: Oromia is the name for a union of cooperatives operating over several growing regions in western and southern Ethiopia. This particular Oromia apparently is from the Sidamo region and is processed by the dry or natural method, wherein the coffee dried in the fruit, rather than after the fruit has been removed. Dean's Beans, to quote its lively website, is "The place where social activism, ecological responsibility and great coffee meet." Visit www.deansbeans.com or call 800-325-3008 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Lovers of well-executed examples of the extreme roast style often called "dark French."


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