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  • Old City Coffee

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Old City Blend

Roast: Medium Review Date: August 2002
Origin: Southern India, other origins. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Ken admires this blend's "rich, powerful, low-toned acidity, fullish body, and dry chocolate nuance," but is distracted by "a hint of bitter peanut tones and a cloying background flatness" (rating 86). Chris is both more specific -- "dark roast beans blended with very light roast, which hides the borderline past-crop flavor" -- and more metaphoric: "This coffee is hanging on for dear life with a shot of sweet wine adrenaline" (rating 82).

Notes: A blend of 94% medium-roasted India Plantation A and small amounts of darker roasted beans from other origins. Old City Coffee is a boutique specialty coffee roaster that promises roasting and shipping within 48 hours for Internet orders. Visit www.oldcitycoffee.com or call 215-629-9292 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: "Past-crop flavor" is a cuppers' term for a dull flatness, often intensified by woody or rope-like tones. The peanut tones Ken objects to probably derive from the very light- roasted component of the blend. However, both Ken and Chris acknowledge this coffee's foreground rich complexity, whether described as wine (Chris) or dry chocolate (Ken).


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