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    Plymouth, Michigan
  • Mountain Country Indian Kents Plantation A

Roast: Medium Review Date: August 2002
Origin: Southern India. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Ken: "Round, balanced, quietly agreeable. A subdued roastiness is nicely enveloped in gently sweet fruit tones" (rating 86). Chris also appreciates the sweet, round fruit, but objects to the notes Ken calls roasty, condemning them as "woody": "Fragrant honey butter with a hint of a citric bite. However, the sweet creamy character gets lost in the woody nut tones of the finish" (rating 83).

Notes: Plantation A is the highest bulk or "non-specialty" grade of India arabica coffee. Kents, selected by an Indian planter of that name in 1920, is one of the world's great varieties of arabica, but now little planted owing to its susceptibility to disease. Coffee Express is a quality oriented specialty wholesale roaster founded in 1982. Visit or call 734-459-4900 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: If you believe Ken, a quiet, round, versatile coffee with something for everyone. If you believe Chris, drink it fast, enjoy the cup and forget the finish.


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