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    Bangalore, India
  • India Badnekhan Estate

Roast: Very-Dark Review Date: August 2002
Origin: Chikmagalur growing region, southern India Price: NA

Blind Assessment: "Bright, acidy, but luxuriously sweet -- high-toned, citrusy fruit suggests grapefruit. Slightly astringent in the finish but richly so (rating 88)." Chris really liked this coffee, awarding it a rating of 96: "Started things off right with a mouthwatering floral and citrus aroma. Very much the lone wolf of the cupping owing to its winey Yirgacheffe/Kenya character."

Notes: Badnekhan Estate is located in the classic Indian growing region of Chikmagalur at an elevation of around 4,000 feet. Produced from trees of the SLN 9 variety, a successful hybrid that incorporates an Ethiopian coffee variety in its heritage, which doubtless contributes to its exotic East Africa character. As a green coffee, winner of the top arabica coffee award in the 2002 Fine Cup competition in Bangalore, India. From the 2001-2002 crop. Currently not available in the United States. Visit for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Anyone interested in a style of India cup that makes a deliciously high- toned, fruity reference to the great coffees of East Africa, but remains singularly itself.


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