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  • Decaf Mocca Java

Roast: NA Review Date: July 2002
Origin: Harrar region of Ethiopia, East Java. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Dryly acidy but sweet, expansively fruity, distinctly floral. A crisp roastiness turns the fruit toward chocolate. Only a very slight bitter astringency mars this otherwise luxuriously exotic cup.

Notes: Offered in the "Smooth" line of the Starbucks specialty menu, which implies, among other things, a moderate but not aggressive dark-roast style. However you spell Mocca, Moka, Mocha, or Moca, Mocca Java is the world's earliest blend, originally combining acidy, fruity coffee from southern Arabia shipped through the port of Mocha with full-bodied, lower-toned coffee from Java. This version, which replaces the inconsistent Yemen with the very similar cupping Ethiopia Harrar, was decaffeinated by the "Swiss Water" solvent-free method. Visit or call 800-782-7282 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: The quintessential romantic's coffee, glamorous both in history and cup.


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