Decaf by Koffie Kàn Review |
  • Koffie Kàn

    Wenduine, Belgium
  • Decaf

Roast: NA Review Date: July 2002
Origin: Central America Price: NA

Blind Assessment: This extreme light-roasted coffee displays the nutty, brisk character of light to medium roasts, but adds an impressive sweetness and richness that less skillfully executed light roasts fail to deliver. Intensely but sweetly acidy; chocolate and nut notes in the aroma, dry fruit and pipe tobacco in the finish.

Notes: Koffie Kàn, a small coffee roaster in Belgium, makes use of a computer-controlled, slow- roasting method it calls DYCOLOTE roasting. Roasting is most challenging at the two extremes of the roast range, the light and the dark. I have not tasted an extreme light roast that develops as much sweetness and complexity as this one. Decaffeinated by what Koffie Kàn describes as the "thermal" method. Visit for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Anyone who wants to experience how refreshing and exhilarating a really fine extreme light-roasted coffee can be.


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