Royal Mocha-Java by Royal Coffee Review |
  • Royal Coffee

    Emeryville, California
  • Royal Mocha-Java

Roast: Very-Dark Review Date: January 1998
Origin: Various Price: NA

Blind Assessment: This coffee was roasted so darkly and probably at such high temperatures that little was left to taste except overwhelming carbon plus a hint of high, singing sweetness that emerged in aroma and finish. The green coffee the roastmaster started with may well have been excellent, but the roast certainly wasn't.

Notes: This coffee was over-roasted, so that there was little left to taste except carbon and a hint of high, singing sweetness that emerged in the aroma and finish. Yemen Sanani and wet-processed estate Java.

Who Should Drink It: There is a Royal Coffee café and retail store near my house. It is elegant in a completely unpretentious way. Students read and shoppers relax at green metal tables under an original art deco clock and an understated retro glass and metal canopy. Dogs rest their jowls on the sidewalk and on sunny Sunday mornings people lean against the brick wall or sit on the curb because there are no chairs left at the green tables. I'm sure that none of these folks sitting on the curb or at the green tables give a damn that I find their Mocha-Java overroasted. So far as they're concerned, it's roasted just right. You may think so too.


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