Sumatra Mandheling by The Organic Coffee Co. Review |
  • The Organic Coffee Co.

    Boulder, Colorado
  • Sumatra Mandheling

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: November 1997
Origin: Sumatra Price: NA

Blind Assessment: "Distinct fruity, pruny carbon tones; not much else," I wrote the first time I cupped this coffee. I used almost the same words the second time around. Simply not enough going on here. The carbon is not the thin, burned-out sensation of overdone French roasts, by the way. More the taste of very dark toast with a memory of marmalade.

Notes: Tastes of very dark toast with a memory of marmalade, a simple profile. Certified organically grown.

Who Should Drink It: Environmentalists who like carbon with complication. It's sad how far Sumatra has fallen in the world of coffee. Perhaps Sumatras have become too popular and there aren't enough good ones to go around. Plus, in the world of organics Sumatra buyers face the certification paradox. Almost all Sumatras are de facto organically grown, but only one or two sources are certified, and those sources may not always deliver the best.


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