Brazil Mogiana Bourbon "Safira" by Flying Goat Coffee Review |
  • Flying Goat Coffee

    Healdsburg, California
  • Brazil Mogiana Bourbon "Safira"

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: April 2002
Origin: Mogiana growing region, Sao Paulo State, Brazil Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Smooth, medium-to-full bodied and richly balanced in the small cup, discreetly complicated by crisp leather and dry chocolate notes. Slightly astringent in the finish. Milk amplifies the dry chocolate tones, which turn hearty and bittersweet in short milk drinks and voluptuously sweet in taller. (87 straight espresso, 88 w/milk)

Notes: That espresso is best brewed from a blend of beans from different origins is a truism among coffee professionals, and one that is generally supported by experience. However, there are some origins that, on their own, lend themselves particularly well to espresso brewing. The low acidity, natural sweetness and rich bottom notes of many dry-processed Brazils like this one make this origin one of the prime candidates for single-origin espresso. This tactfully roasted version from Flying Goat Coffee makes a fine and versatile cup. Visit or call 1-800-675-3599 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Less complex than many blended espressos, but satisfying in its powerful balance, particularly in short milk drinks like the cappuccino.


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