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  • Coffees of Hawaii

    Kualapuu, Molokai, Hawaii
  • Hawaiian Espresso Molokai Style

Roast: Dark Review Date: April 2002
Origin: Island of Molokai, Hawaii Price: NA

Blind Assessment: In the small cup rather stingy in body, sharp, without nuance. Milk softens the sharp tones, however, allowing the coffee to develop beautifully, with rich fruit and floral notes leaning toward chocolate. (84 straight espresso, 89 w/milk)

Notes: Composed entirely of coffees from the Coffees of Hawaii farm in central Molokai, this espresso is a blend of the farm's high-toned wet-processed Malulani Estate coffee and its lower- toned, malty, dry-processed Molokai Muleskinner. Visit www.coffeehawaii.com or call 1-800-709-BEAN for more info.

Who Should Drink It: A cappuccino-drinker's espresso: complex and sweet in short milk.


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