Perugia Blend by Torrefazione Italia Review |
  • Torrefazione Italia

    Seattle, Washington
  • Perugia Blend

Roast: NA Review Date: October 1997
Origin: Various Price: NA

Blind Assessment: A distinct bouquet of floral and fruit notes enlivens and complicates the chocolate-vanilla Espresso sweetness while freshening and brightening the aftertaste. Altogether a rather remarkable Espresso: sweet, fragrant, and virtually without carbon or bitterness. Fades a bit in milk.

Notes: This medium-dark roasted blend is ideally suited for espresso. Distinct floral and fruit notes enliven the espresso sweetness. Perugia is one of the lighter-roasted of the Torrefazione Italia blends.

Who Should Drink It: How about juicy classicists, short-shot purists who prefer some perfumes and murmurs in the background?

WITH MILK:Flavor in milk: 5

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