Traditional Premium Roast by Melitta Review |
  • Melitta

    Clearwater, Florida
  • Traditional Premium Roast

Roast: Dark Review Date: May 1997
Origin: Various Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The aroma is complete but fades quickly. The acidity is bright, clear, and classic, hovering on the edge of winy. Some resonance echoes under the acidity, but both pleasure and complexity are concentrated at the top of the profile.

Notes: The aroma is complete but fades; the acidity is bright, clean and classic. A blend, pre-ground and canned. Finer grind than the other pre-ground coffees. At $4.89 per 11.5-ounce can, or $6.80 per pound, the most expensive of the canned coffees in the cupping.

Who Should Drink It: Is this the taste of good grocery store coffees before they were ruined by robustas and price cutting after World War II? Brew it drip, a little on the weak side, and drink it black in plain white mugs or thin porcelain cups. Imagine you're reading the Minneapolis Tribune in 1947 and looking out the window at five a.m. at the sun tipping the fresh corn.


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