Premium Drip Coffee by Lavazza Review |
  • Lavazza

    New York, New York
  • Premium Drip Coffee

Roast: Light Review Date: March 2002
Origin: Not Disclosed Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Flat, feeble, tea-like aroma. The cup is sweet but the acidity is weak-kneed and a bit sour. A pleasant hint of fruit, but not enough to save the cup from its general dull listlessness.

Notes: Sold roasted and ground in a 10-ounce can; 63 cents per ounce. Lavazza is one of the world's leading suppliers of espresso coffees. This is a drip blend designed for the American market, but, like all of Lavazza's coffees, it is roasted and packed in Italy.

Who Should Drink It: Those who prefer a weak, tea-like cup. The extremely light roast has not developed the coffee.


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