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    Seattle, Washington
  • Kona 100% Pure

Roast: Dark Review Date: February 2002
Origin: Kona growing region, Big Island of Hawaii, Hawaii Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Seductively sweet, delicate, gently acidy. The tartly sweet fruit tones suggest raisins or dates. Rather light-bodied, but appropriately so given the general delicacy of the profile.

Notes: Now that Starbucks has stores in Hawaii, a pure Kona offering was inevitable. Starbucks-bashers will be surprised to find this an attractive and rather distinctive Kona. Starbucks continues to produce listless drip blends, but featured single-origin coffees like this one are often impressive. The only fault that held the rating of this coffee under 90 was its subdued, flat aroma, perhaps a result of sitting too long in the valve pack after roasting.Visit www.starbucks.com for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Lovers of subtlety and sweetness.


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