Organic El Salvador by Counter Culture Coffee Review |
  • Counter Culture Coffee

    Durham, North Carolina
  • Organic El Salvador

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: December 2001
Origin: Los Naranjos growing region, El Salvador Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Roasty, sweet, and round in the nose. In the cup the roastiness reveals a sharp bitterness, brightened by a hint of floral sweetness that softens toward burned chocolate in the finish. A full body offsets the bitterness.

Notes: Produced by a cooperative of small holders exclusively from trees of the traditional Bourbon variety of Arabica, this is one of Counter Culture's "Sanctuary Shade Grown" line of migratory bird-friendly coffees. Counter Culture Coffee is a leading regional wholesale roaster specializing in coffees grown in bird-friendly mixed-species shade.

Who Should Drink It: Those who value dark-roasted coffee more for the bitter tones than the sweet. The relatively full body should carry well in milk, and the bitter tones compensate for enthusiastic additions of sugar.


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