Organic Nicaragua by Counter Culture Coffee Review |
  • Counter Culture Coffee

    Durham, North Carolina
  • Organic Nicaragua

Roast: Dark Review Date: December 2001
Origin: Segovia growing region, Nicaragua Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The aggressive dark roast simplifies this naturally sweet, chocolaty coffee and turns it a bit monolithic. A deep-toned, dry, chocolate-nuanced roastiness dominates, relieved by only a tickle of sweetness. The finish is richly bittersweet, but hints at rubber as the cup cools.

Notes: From the Prodocoop association of small producers, this "Sabor de Segovia" is one of Counter Culture's "Sanctuary Shade Grown" line of migratory-bird-friendly coffees. Counter Culture Coffee is a leading regional wholesale roaster specializing in coffees grown in bird-friendly mixed-species shade.

Who Should Drink It: A quintessential with-milk-and-sugar coffee. The dense, bitter dark-roast character turns sweet and chocolaty in milk.


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