Espresso by Jeremiah's Pick Gourmet Coffee Review |
  • Jeremiah's Pick Gourmet Coffee

    San Francisco, California
  • Espresso

Roast: NA Review Date: August 2000
Origin: Africa; Central America; Papua New Guinea; India. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: A balanced, straightforward West-Coast American espresso. In the demitasse bittersweet with a slant toward the bitter side, complicated by brisk cocoa tones. Medium-bodied but smooth. The cocoa tones turn agreeably fruity in milk, where the shot softens without losing character.

Notes: A balanced, straightforward West-Coast American espresso. Jeremiah 's Pick is a small-batch wholesale roaster that supplies coffee to upscale supermarkets and gourmet foods markets in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Who Should Drink It: Cappuccino and caffe latte drinkers without pretensions. In the demitasse best with a touch of sugar. A serviceable espresso blend that produces a flavorful shot even when the brewing falls short of perfection.


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