Classique High Roasted by Café La Semeuse Review |
  • Café La Semeuse

  • Classique High Roasted

Roast: NA Review Date: December 2000
Origin: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico. Price: NA

Notes: Not acidy, but definitely dry, with a pleasantly malty, cocoaish finish and a rich little tickle of balancing sweetness. Quite agreeable, but haunted by a hint of rubbery flatness. A blend from Café La Semeuse, a much admired Swiss roaster. Roasted in Switzerland. A sticker on the bag reads "Never Bitter."

Who Should Drink It: Aside from the disturbing rubbery tones, this coffee is as cozy as a corner in an old Swiss café. Should bring similar comfort to afternoons, desserts, and tricky stomachs. The rubbery sensation may be owing to staleness (too many weeks out of Switzerland


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