Colombian Supremo by Safeway, Inc. Review |
  • Safeway, Inc.

    Oakland, California
  • Colombian Supremo

Roast: Medium Review Date: May 1997
Origin: Colombia Price: NA

Blind Assessment: For a moment, somewhere between nose and finish, this coffee struck me as rich with its nut and vanilla tones. But overall a thin-toned acidity dominates: an edgy, almost sour distraction without grace notes or resonance.

Notes: Overall a thin-toned acidity dominates, with a fleeting vanilla-nut tone. A private-labeled bulk whole-bean coffee sold through northern California's Safeway chain. $7.69 per pound.

Who Should Drink It: Another coffee that barely reads as a Colombia. Has Juan Valdez been betrayed by the Colombian government's encouragement of hybrid coffee varieties? Has he been distracted by drug wars and insurgency? Or is it simply a matter of the roaster preparing this coffee carelessly and/or the retailer selling it stale?


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