Ethiopia Yirgacheffe by Orleans Coffee Exchange Review |
  • Orleans Coffee Exchange

    New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Roast: Dark Review Date: April 1997
Origin: Ethiopia Price: NA

Blind Assessment: I wouldn't have expected a coffee so subtle to stand up to a dark roast so well. The roast only slightly mutes the heady floral tones of the aroma, while the acidity in tantalizing Yirgacheffe fashion hovers between flower and fruit. The body is hardly robust, but substantial enough to support the top notes. Only a trace of carbon.

Notes: Both striking and delicate with heady floral tones, and a tantalizing acidity hovering between flower and fruit. Yirgacheffe is a wet-processed coffee from south-central Ethiopia celebrated for its delicate floral tones.

Who Should Drink It: People who are pleased by things both striking and delicate. A good dark-roast drip coffee. Drink it black to enjoy the natural sweetness of the perfumes.


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