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  • Java Jampit Estate

Roast: NA Review Date: February 2000
Origin: Jampit Estate, Eastern Java, Indonesia. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: "A sweet, inoffensive little cup of coffee. No bells and whistles here," wrote one panelist. At first I was inclined to agree, but this soft, subtle coffee eventually won me over with its relaxed richness and striking lavender-like floral tones. Other panelists agreed. Perhaps no bells and whistles, but some pleasant warbling.

Notes: A sweet little cup of coffee, which developed a relaxed richness with lavender floral tones. Reviewed as a green coffee by the Cupping Board. Jampit is one of four government-operated coffee estates in the dramatic mountains of eastern Java. All estate Javas are wet processed. "We Bring the World to Every Cup" is the motto of InterAmerican Commodities, a distinguished green coffee dealer founde

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