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    Novato, California
  • Timor Maubesse

Roast: NA Review Date: February 2000
Origin: Maubesse (or Maubisse) region, central East Timor. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Very uneven from cup to cup. The best cups: low-toned, smooth, with a touch of spicy, clove-like pungency and a sweet, cocoaish finish. The less-than-best cups: bland with a slight but disturbing astringency.

Notes: A very uneven coffee from cup to cup - sometimes smooth with touch of spice, and other times bland with disturbing astringency. Reviewed as a green coffee by the Cupping Board Produced by small-holder peasant farmers and processed by the wet or washed method at centrally located mills. Maubesse is a town that has given its name to a grade of wet-processed Timor coffee grown at elevations above 5,600 feet. Purchase of coffees li

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