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  • Papua New Guinea - Kalanga

Roast: NA Review Date: February 2000
Origin: Waghi Valley, Western Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: I suspect only a slight astringency in the aftertaste prevented this Papua New Guinea from pushing up near the top of the ratings. Panelists liked its smoky aroma ("brownies baking" said one), its soft sweetness, and its understated character. Its rather metallic, salty astringency was barely detectable, but, once observed, distracting.

Notes: A coffee with smoky aroma and soft sweetness, but a rather metallic astringency. Reviewed as a green coffee by the Cupping Board. Kalanga apparently is not a farm or district, but an exporter 's name for a coffee type assembled from the production of a variety of farms in the Waghi Valley. Royal Coffee is a distinguished California-based importer founded in 1978.

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