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  • Eight O'Clock Coffee

    Montvale, New Jersey
  • Original Blend

Roast: NA Review Date: January 2000
Origin: Not disclosed. Price: $12.95/16oz

Blind Assessment: Overwhelmingly musty. If you don 't understand musty, imagine the smell (or taste) of old shoes at the bottom of a damp closet. The mustiness is haloed with sweetness when the cup is hot, but as the coffee cools nothing remains except mustiness: flat and oppressive.

Notes: Overwhelmingly musty. The bag declares that the coffee inside is "100% arabica." Which means that, rather than cutting costs with the usual bland robustas, this remarkably inexpensive blend does it with, I suspect, the lowest grade Sumatras. Sold whole-bean in a foil valve bag

Who Should Drink It: Those who love musty Sumatras to the point of masochism or shoppers who are desperate for a really cheap whole bean coffee. I generally don 't care for musty coffees, but in deference to those who do, I have trained myself to accept and even enjoy mustiness in moderation. But the musty sensation in this coffee quite exceeds moderation.


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