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    Seattle, Washington
  • Sulawesi

Roast: Dark Review Date: April 1997
Origin: Celebes Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Extends from a deep, rich bottom to acidy, wine-elevated notes at the top. The usual Starbucks carbon tones are pleasantly lost in the expansive complexity of the coffee until the aftertaste, when they surface after the rest of the profile has passed into memory.

Notes: A superb French-press coffee, giving dark-roast richness plus Indonesia character. Sulawesi (or Celebes) is the sprawling, four-fingered island north of Java. With Sumatra and Java, Sulawesi is one of the three classic Indonesia origins.

Who Should Drink It: A superb French-press coffee. Gives us dark-roast richness plus Indonesia character, and for those who can't do without it, a little carbon.


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