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    Santander, Colombia
  • Bucaramanga - Green

Roast: NA Review Date: August 1999
Origin: Santander Department, central Colombia. Traditional market name: Bucaramanga. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: I have to assume that our sample of this generally understated, rich, but rather inert coffee was dramatically inconsistent. I detected a teasing, off-again, on-again defect in my sample, probably hard ferment. I wasn 't alone: "dusty; something funky," wrote another. Others found their sample simply bland or "non-descript." Two admired their samples, however, responding positively to the round, rich promise of the clean upside of the profile.

Notes: The round, rich promise of a clean profile spoiled by dramatic inconsistency. A private mill coffee exported by Rafael Espinosa. From a cooperative of twenty-five farms. Partly shade grown from trees of the caturra variety at an elevation of approximately 6,000 feet.

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