Guatemalan El Injerto, 1999 by Montana Coffee Traders Review |
  • Montana Coffee Traders

    Whitefish, Montana
  • Guatemalan El Injerto, 1999

Roast: Very-Dark Review Date: July 1999
Origin: Guatemala Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The powerful acidity is like a whack across the palate. It doesn't allow much else to make an impression, although some cups hinted at a nutty sweetness. Perhaps the robust, dominating acidity is pleasure enough.

Notes: A robust, hefty body and old-fashioned, take-no-prisoners acidity with a hint of nutty sweetness. Montana Coffee Roasters, with its straightforward, country-look graphics, has global partners: local roasters in Costa Rica and Moscow, Russia.

Who Should Drink It: The Montana Coffee Traders logo includes charmingly retro silhouettes of two figures in cowboy hats enjoying coffee in front of a fire. This Guatemala, with its hefty body and old-fashioned, take-no-prisoners acidity, should do well around campfires and cowboy hats, not to mention Moscow winters.


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