Guatemala Antigua Organic, 1999 by The Roasterie Review |
  • The Roasterie

    Kansas City, Missouri
  • Guatemala Antigua Organic, 1999

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: July 1999
Origin: Guatemala Price: NA

Blind Assessment: An almost symphonic coffee. Nuance stretches across the profile: floral notes at the top, winy, dry fruit in the middle, and a smoky pungency at bottom. Sweet, cedarish notes tend to dominate in aroma and aftertaste, but in the cup fruit and flowers upstage everything else.

Notes: An almost symphonic coffee with floral notes at the top; wine and dry fruit in the middle; and smoky pungency at the bottom. Certified organically grown. The Roasterie advertises its coffee as "Air-Roasted," meaning the coffee is roasted on a fluid-bed machine that works roughly like a hot-air corn popper rather than on a more typical drum roasting machine.

Who Should Drink It: Thrill-seeking sophisticates.


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